Track 3: Environmental Science

Environmental challenges are addressed by the social and environmental movement known as environmentalism. Hazardous wastes are those that may contain toxic substances generated from the industrial, hospital and some types of household wastes. The urgent need for action has never been more evident as environmental problems like pollution, habitat destruction, and climate change put the planet under increasing and visible attack. Earth watch has been helping scientists find long-term answers to some of the most pressing environmental problems humanity has ever faced for close to 50 years, with the help of citizen scientists. We have influenced environmental legislation, protected imperil-led species, and their habitats, and advanced the field of global change research by promoting rigorous, pertinent, and significant work. Environmental problems have a severe negative impact on both human activities and the biophysical environment. to lessen or halt the effects of environmental problems Sustainability is a crucial element. Human overpopulation, hydrology, intensive farming, land usage, nanotechnology, and nuclear problems are all causes of environmental problems. Climate change, environmental harm, environmental health concerns, energy-related environmental challenges, excessive population growth, resource depletion, toxicants, wastes, etc. are some of the major repercussions. Innovations are fresh concepts, tools, or procedures. Innovations are the use of superior solutions to address brand-new demands, outlined wants, or current market demands. It is effective by making new and improved products, services, technology, and ideas easily accessible to markets, governments, and society


  • Track 1-1 Environmental Chemistry
  • Track 2-2 Biodiversity Loss
  • Track 3-3 Plastic Pollution
  • Track 4-4 Environmental Justice

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