Track 5: Biodiesel and Biofuels

Biodiesel and biofuels are a top priority and fundamental requirement. Furthermore, the emphasis on biofuels is fundamentally necessary as a result of environmental concerns. Biofuels may turn out to be the solution. Both the issue with energy production and the issue with greenhouse gas emissions have been attributed to biofuels. As a replacement for conventionally utilized and extremely polluting fossil fuels, biofuels are becoming more and more prevalent. Innovative techniques are used to produce biofuels, which are far more affordable than old techniques. This technical article will provide an overview of the majority of the technologies, procedures, and innovations being developed to replace fuels sourced from petroleum. Growing interest has been given to biodiesel as a potential replacement for fossil diesel. However, the difficulty of homogeneous alkali catalysts to be recycled and the waste that is created as a result of the water washing that follows are two of the major problems with the industry's technique of manufacturing biodiesel.


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